Global Logistics Service Provider
We offer full range of air services and professional operation on both export and import, with focus on but unlimited to CTU, CKG, XIY, KWE., PVG, SZX.

As the core agent of 3U and HU, we are among top airfreight companies in Southwest China, and we utilize our advantages to provide customers direct and indirect flights, consolidation, door-to-door, express, e-commerce services with cost-competitive and time-saving and customized solutions.

We have global network to support us with export/import door-to-door services, and we are often nominated by partners from other area such as Europe, America, Middle East, Africa to help operating time-critical services. We have been highly recognized and trusted thanks to our high-performance team work and build-up resources in logistics, which allows us not only support customer with variety of airline solution 3U/HU/LH/QR/D7/ET/TK/CZ/CA, but also cost-saving pre-carriage services from most main cities across China to the port of departing just in time.